Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Recent Hauls No. 2...

Me and mum had a very girlie day where we went shopping and had a lovely lunch at Harbour City in town. Gotta love Dim-Sum =) Anyways, she was very generous and treated me to some much needed skincare products!!

From L - R: Sudocrem, Clinique Turnaround Serum, DDMG, Clinique City-Block SPF 25, Bio-Oil, Clinique Anti-Blemish Foaming Wash and Clarifying Lotion.

SUDOCREM is like a miracle worker!! I smeared it on my red spots and in the morning they'd calmed down already!! Just place a towel over your pillow to minimise any stains!! haha.

But I haven't really tried out the Turnaround Serum or City Block enough yet to comment but I'll let you know.

For my skin-care routine, I'll alternate between the Anti-Blemish range and the normal range. I am finding that the Anti-Blemish range moisturisers aren't really good enough for the winter months and I'm having to lather on moisturisers daily and nightly!!

Again, not really tried Bio-Oil yet. I was hoping to try this on my spot-scars. Can you do that or too risky??

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