Thursday, 26 February 2009

I'm Joei and I'm a Shopaholic...

Seriously I really think I have a problem!! I'd promised myself no more spending till March and I have fallen on like the first hurdle. No MAC purchases but lots of pretty dresses!! I'm loving this look here...

I've not worn jeans in weeks as I'm choosing little denim shorts with leggings and Ugg boots with a comfy cardigan instead. Failing that a pretty dress, waist belt, cardigan and boots.

I don't know about you but once I find a style I suit I kinda stick to it and end up having multiples of the same dress / top in different colours. Go figure!!

Here's a picture of the shorts and t-shirt combo :D Excuse the mess that is my room!!

I can't find pictures of my other dresses...I'll have to post some pics of the weekend when I get back instead!!

What styles are you rocking at the mo?? xxx

What's in my Bag...

Oooh I've been waiting to this post for SOOOO long. I'm going away this weekend so perfect opportunity to show you what's in my bag for the journey and beyond!

First the bag itself...
I got this from BANK for about £15. Apart from make-up, bags are probably my biggest weakness. I love this one as it's a decent size and fits quite a lot in but yet very lovely and goes with pretty much any outfit!!

My mess...
I don't reckon I would usually have this much junk in my bag but because I'm heading off for the weekend I packed extra stuff for the journey. You should see the suitcase! I downsized because even I thought it was ridiculous!!

Anyways we have (L-R)
Sunglasses which are prescription ones from HK (*darn forgot to take photo of them*)
Mini umbrella from Boots
iPod video (which was playing on my hi-fi hence the empty shell!)
Panadol as I'm really prone to headaches
MAC Blot Powder in MEDIUM DARK
Body Shop Face and Body Brush
DDMG - there's not too much left in this one but need extra moisturiser during winter months
Shapers Cranberry Juice
Anna Sui Secret Wish
My Make-up Bag
Wallet - it's a leather one from TK Maxx - it's very worn now but i LOVE it still

My Make-up Bag...
I really wouldn't normally lug this much around with me but this basically will be my day make-up kit for the weekend. From the top we have:
Clinique City Block SPF 25
Pure Kajal Eye-Liner in Black
Aloe Vera Lip Balm - absolutely AMAZING from Holland & Barratts and only £3!!
Mini-Bobbi Brown Brush
Bourjois Mini Blush in 07
Bobbi Brown Blush in APRICOT - gorgeous colour giving a perk-me-up for those hungover days!
Clinique Touch Base in CANVAS
Revlon Colorstay Liner in BLACK-BROWN
Maybelline Colour Definer in SPICY CHOCOLATE
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Concealer in LIGHT 02
MAC Concealer Brush (*can't remember its number*)
MAC Studio Tech NC27 - absolutely perfect for touch ups but BLEND!!
The little plastic pots (a) Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in FAWN and (b) Lancome Matte Gel
Hair bits and pieces

PHEW I have a lot of crap in my bag right!! Let me know if you want to see anything in more detail like swatches etc!! xxx

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Just a little update...

The last 3 posts were a bit product heavy so I thought I would just update you on my recent activities!! As you know I had my compulsory exams all week last was the most stressful week ever. Who thought it would've been a good idea to cram 5 exams into 5 days! My last exam was over 3 hours long! CRAZINESS!

After the exam we headed to the pub and sat in there for a good 2 - 3 hours before heading home. Some of the boys from Leicester were up in Liverpool that night so I went round to theirs for a couple of drinks before calling it a night.

Leeds this weekend was *ahem* interesting. As I said on twitter, it was like having a front row seat and knowing what guys get up to on a lads' night out. I can't bear to divulge what went on but it was partly horrifying but mostly entertaining. We stayed in Leeds overnight and headed straight to Wetherspoons in the morning...for 6 HOURS!! Me and Sarah felt disgusting but appreciated the banter!! haha.

This weekend I'm off to Sheffield to see my lovely ex-housemates. One of them has just got engaged so I can't wait to see the ring, another is off travelling very soon so it'll be sad to say goodbye for a while!!! I've missed these girls a lot so this weekend will be fun...and a lot more civilised without the boys!! haha.


Recent Hauls No. 3...

After my FIRST exam last week I had already had enough so I popped into the big Boots on the way home and picked up some more goodies. As well as stopping off at the Cosmetics Company store and checking out what lovely items they had!!

I got a Too-Faced Eyeshadow in Vixen which is a Dark Purpley-Blue with Shimmer. It's an OK shadow...find the Bobbi-Brown and MAC shadows easier to work with despite them both being about the same price!! On the Too-Faced theme, I finally got the Retractable Kabuki which i LOVE!! It was perfect for my weekend away. I also got the Pink Leopard Bronzer...lovely pinky-bronze!! Though I'm not very fond of the packaging...would have rather had the plastic casing!! The brush it comes with is HORRIBLE!! Never using that!!

Also picked up the 24-7 Concealer Stick...really really creamy but not sure whether I got the right colour!!

OOohh..I spotted PURE Cosmetics and came away with a Kajal liner in Black. Its very handy to have in my bag during the day. I love the lipstick-like packaging! Not great staying power but still very nice.

Talking of staying power, I spotted the Coco Bar Liquidlast in Cosmetics Company Store and bought that. On a daily basis, my eyeliner slips half-way down my cheek so having this on was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I also picked up a Lustreglass in Ensign which will be a present for my bessie friend when I see her this weekend. It's a gorgeous girlie pink which will suit her mightily!!

A couple of other things I picked up that I have to rave about:
(a) STUDIO TECH in HG foundation. I was a bit unsure about this when I went into MAC but OMD it's amazing match and also so simple to apply. It was in my purse constantly this weekend so I didn't need to lug so much stuff around with me!

(b) Bobbi Brown Blush in APRICOT....this is my go-to blusher for the day at the moment. It's shockingly pink in the pan but because of the peachy undertones, it really brightens up the look!

(c) Estee Lauder Double-Wear Concealer in LIGHT 02...I had this in Light Medium over the summer but it's too dark. My concealer of choice this weekend. I really like the consistency of it and it's really easy to work with.

(d) MAC Lipgelee in SLICKED PINK...this was a lot more peachy than it looked on swatches. But really glad I got this as it's a gorgeous everyday colour!

(e) MAC Eyeshadow in MAGNETIC FIELDS...when I got home I realised this is very similar to Black Plum from Bobbi Brown but it's still a really nice smokey-eye colour to have in your palette!!

I think that's it...phew!! xx

Recent Hauls No. 2...

Me and mum had a very girlie day where we went shopping and had a lovely lunch at Harbour City in town. Gotta love Dim-Sum =) Anyways, she was very generous and treated me to some much needed skincare products!!

From L - R: Sudocrem, Clinique Turnaround Serum, DDMG, Clinique City-Block SPF 25, Bio-Oil, Clinique Anti-Blemish Foaming Wash and Clarifying Lotion.

SUDOCREM is like a miracle worker!! I smeared it on my red spots and in the morning they'd calmed down already!! Just place a towel over your pillow to minimise any stains!! haha.

But I haven't really tried out the Turnaround Serum or City Block enough yet to comment but I'll let you know.

For my skin-care routine, I'll alternate between the Anti-Blemish range and the normal range. I am finding that the Anti-Blemish range moisturisers aren't really good enough for the winter months and I'm having to lather on moisturisers daily and nightly!!

Again, not really tried Bio-Oil yet. I was hoping to try this on my spot-scars. Can you do that or too risky??

Recent Hauls No. 1...

I know I've been MIA for a couple of weeks but there's so much I wanna share with you guys!! So I'll start with my hauls. I've had quite a few so bear with me!!

I splurged at the Cosmetics Company A LOT! I got a couple of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadows in Pink Gold (soft pinky colour perfect for the lid) and Black Plum (perfect for a smokey eye - a dark dark brown with gold shimmer).

There were also some MAC Mineralize Trios which I got in Heat Element (Bronze / Gold) and Bright Side Gallery Gal (Neutral Shimmer and Dark Duck Green). I also got Femme-Fi from the Neo Sci-Fi collection - I've been using this pretty much everyday. It's a great base colour!!

I got 2 x Ms Makeup Foundation and Concealer brushes. They're OK but not as soft as MAC obviously. It does the job though. Having said that I like using fingers for the Studio Sculpt Foundation at least.

Last couple of items I got the Carex Hand Sanitiser and the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. I haven't really used the Mascara enough to make a judgement - I'd heard so much I had to give it a go!!

There's my first haul post...I do love these eyeshadows. Particularly's much less shimmery than Retrospeck so it's a close HG product for me!!

Look out for the next one!! xxx

Monday, 23 February 2009


I've finally finished exams and the obligatory celebrations so over the next few days I'll update you on my recent hauls (shopping de-stresses me!!) and new finds!!

Hope you've all been keeping well!


Thursday, 12 February 2009


Yeh I WISH I WAS GOING ON HOLIDAY!! It actually means that I'll be away from Blogspot and Twitter for the next week or so whilst I get these compulsory exams out of the way. Apparently life gets easier after this...I HOPE SO!!

I have some major hauls to share with you. But thought I'd let you know this first.

I bought the new MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation and Concealer in NC30 tried it once or twice and thought it was just too dark. Went back the other day just asking to be properly matched up again...the result?? I get to take mine back and have it swapped?? Never thought that it would have been possible!! YEAY!!

Also got a sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear Light to try over the weekend so we'll see how that works.

The YG I work with is holding a 1920's stylee murder mystery night this sunday so make-up looks / ideas will be gratefully received. I have a new dress that me and mum made today and hopefully some accessories to go with it!!! yeay. I''m signing for a while. I'll see you all soon!! Leave me a comment about what you'd like to see when I get back!! xxx

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Crisis Averted...

OK after my initial fear of Creme d'Nude....I now LOVE it!! But it has to be used with another product...and as suggested I paired it up with slightly darker glosses. Namely my Lipgelees...I know I posted them on Swapsies but I may rescind the offer if that's OK?!?! SORRY!! They go perfectly with my Creme d'Nude! New Love!!

I also went back to MAC today to pick up 3 more items...namely -
  • Eyeshadow in Mulch which is an intense golden reddish brown flecked with golden bronze shimmer (Velvet)
  • Lipgelee in Slicked Pink
  • Powerpoint Pencil in Stubborn Brown
I've still got another haul or two to share with you so I'll do that on my revision break tomorrow!! In the meantime, I have a couple of questions...
  • What's the best DEEP BROWN shadow shade? I've looked on MAC and I want them all!!
  • What's the best eyeliner for waterline? I'm trying everything and I still look like a panda by the afternoon!! This is like my life-long mission...SOMEONE HELP!!
Till then lovelies...xx

Friday, 6 February 2009

Nude Lips...

I went to MAC today to get the new Foundation and Concealer. Not had a chance to try it out yet so that'll have to wait for another day. But I also got MAC Creme De Nude Creemsheen Lipstick and I can't decide whether I suit it or not!!

I'll give it another go tomorrow..but I just tried it (granted it's PAST midnight now!) and it made me look ILL! OH NO! Think my lips might be too full for nude?! Any comments welcome!


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Plan B...

I wanted to get my YT video up but it just wouldn't work so I guess I'm just gonna have to play around with it for a while longer. Plan B is just to show you in pictures what my storage looks bear with me!!

So this is my make-up corner. I LOVE IT so much. The only complaint I have is the lighting. I get so frustrated because I keep having to run to the window or the bathroom to check how orange I am in the morning. And then to find when I get in the car that I look like a ghost, etc. So any ideas / tips on lighting would be fab!!

This is most of MAC stuff plus my everyday things...I will move my MAC stuff eventually but it looks so pretty so the shelf. hehe. It has my Fix +, Oil Control Lotion, Prep + Prime and my Face & Body. At the back we have Studio Fix Powder Foundation, Bronzer and MSF Natural. My cheek products at the front - Pink Swoon, Blossomin and Virgin Isle

The box on the left has my 2 Lancome cleansers, Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Spray, Boots Cucumber Cleanser (which I use to clean my hands after foundation) and MAC Brush Cleanser.

On my first shelf I have most of my eye products and everyday hair stuff. The blue boxes hold (top L - clockwise) my unwanted products (LOOK OUT FOR SWAPS!!), eyeliners and pen shadows, single and double eyeshadows and finally my pigments / cream eyeshadows (including paintpots) and gel-liners.

In the top container bit (which is just a old box lid) I have my eyeshadow pallets - I have various ones including Revlon Quads, Body Shop limited editions, POP smokey eyes and H&M smokey eyes. The bottom box has my everyday hair stuff - including hairspray, wax, brush, volumising mousse, dry shampoo and blow-dry spray. Not very exciting really. face drawer. Far left (just out of shot) I have my foundation samples (Lancome Adaptive and Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid) and pre-mixed Revlon Colorstay. Pink box at the front has my concealers, Lip & Cheek Tints (I LOVE THIS STUFF...great to pack in your bag!). Behind this are my mascaras...I don't use these too much. I should really since my lashes are non-existent but I find that it ends up down my face by mid-day most of the time!

Middle row. At the back we have my liquid foundations (including 3 x shades of Revlon Colorstay!! oops). At the front I keep my powder / mineral / mousse foundations and also my powders keeping my T-shine shine free.

Far right at the back I keep my bronzers and highlighters. Whilst at the front we have my blushers - creams, gels and powders. I have too many!!

Mmmm...MY FAVOURITE NEW ADDITION TO MY STORAGE. I love these drawers. By the way, the main storage units are all from Ikea.

Top shelf: Cotton wool pads and buds, Eye make-up removers, Neutrogena Oil-Free Make-up Remover and a Simple Toner.

Middle shelf: ALL MY BRUSHES!! I did use to keep them on top of my unit but too much dust!

Bottom shelf: My skincare - mostly Clinique and Body Shop stuff.

I actually have another shelf but it's currently empty!!

Phew! Got to the end eventually. Let me know what you think and if you want to see anything in detail let me know!! xx

Monday, 2 February 2009

Storage and Collection...

I've just done a brief video of my make up collection and storage. But I haven't really gone into depth with any particular item. If there's anything you want to know more about, let me know!

I'll post the link when it's uploaded. Very nervous about this but hey-ho!

Let me know what you think. For now I'll leave you with a picture of my make-up corner!

Enjoy!! xx