Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Plan B...

I wanted to get my YT video up but it just wouldn't work so I guess I'm just gonna have to play around with it for a while longer. Plan B is just to show you in pictures what my storage looks like...so bear with me!!

So this is my make-up corner. I LOVE IT so much. The only complaint I have is the lighting. I get so frustrated because I keep having to run to the window or the bathroom to check how orange I am in the morning. And then to find when I get in the car that I look like a ghost, etc. So any ideas / tips on lighting would be fab!!

This is most of MAC stuff plus my everyday things...I will move my MAC stuff eventually but it looks so pretty so the shelf. hehe. It has my Fix +, Oil Control Lotion, Prep + Prime and my Face & Body. At the back we have Studio Fix Powder Foundation, Bronzer and MSF Natural. My cheek products at the front - Pink Swoon, Blossomin and Virgin Isle

The box on the left has my 2 Lancome cleansers, Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Spray, Boots Cucumber Cleanser (which I use to clean my hands after foundation) and MAC Brush Cleanser.

On my first shelf I have most of my eye products and everyday hair stuff. The blue boxes hold (top L - clockwise) my unwanted products (LOOK OUT FOR SWAPS!!), eyeliners and pen shadows, single and double eyeshadows and finally my pigments / cream eyeshadows (including paintpots) and gel-liners.

In the top container bit (which is just a old box lid) I have my eyeshadow pallets - I have various ones including Revlon Quads, Body Shop limited editions, POP smokey eyes and H&M smokey eyes. The bottom box has my everyday hair stuff - including hairspray, wax, brush, volumising mousse, dry shampoo and blow-dry spray. Not very exciting really.

Mmm...my face drawer. Far left (just out of shot) I have my foundation samples (Lancome Adaptive and Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid) and pre-mixed Revlon Colorstay. Pink box at the front has my concealers, Lip & Cheek Tints (I LOVE THIS STUFF...great to pack in your bag!). Behind this are my mascaras...I don't use these too much. I should really since my lashes are non-existent but I find that it ends up down my face by mid-day most of the time!

Middle row. At the back we have my liquid foundations (including 3 x shades of Revlon Colorstay!! oops). At the front I keep my powder / mineral / mousse foundations and also my powders keeping my T-shine shine free.

Far right at the back I keep my bronzers and highlighters. Whilst at the front we have my blushers - creams, gels and powders. I have too many!!

Mmmm...MY FAVOURITE NEW ADDITION TO MY STORAGE. I love these drawers. By the way, the main storage units are all from Ikea.

Top shelf: Cotton wool pads and buds, Eye make-up removers, Neutrogena Oil-Free Make-up Remover and a Simple Toner.

Middle shelf: ALL MY BRUSHES!! I did use to keep them on top of my unit but too much dust!

Bottom shelf: My skincare - mostly Clinique and Body Shop stuff.

I actually have another shelf but it's currently empty!!

Phew! Got to the end eventually. Let me know what you think and if you want to see anything in detail let me know!! xx

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