Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Rush of Blush...

OK..I just conducted an experiment with my blusher collection. And do you know what I found...? That a lot of the blushers I do have are quite similar in colour!! >.< Oops.

So maybe I shouldn't get the Well-Dressed Blusher?? Though I do seem to be missing a mid-pink..I have baby-pink (MAC Pink Swoon), 'IN YOUR FACE' pink (Bobbi Brown Apricot), a dirty pink (Bobbi Brown Desert Pink) and various nudes / corals / peaches (WAAY to many to mention!). Maybe that's a hole I should fill?! hehe.

What's a girl to do, eh? If you wanna see any of the blushers, please let me know!! xx

Challenge Time...

If there was ONE product you could recommend for me this month, what would it be??

My bank balance has JUST about recovered, as I got an injection of money today. But it still won't with-stand any big hauls in the near future. I've been thinking about this potential haul for some time now. What would you recommend me getting?? Here's my wish-list of potentials and justifications...
  • MAC Well-Dressed Blush - A HG everyday pink??
  • MAC Select Cover Up / Prescriptives Camoflauge - I have SCU in NW25 at the moment and it's not a perfect match so I'm considering a replacement. My skin is horrendous at the moment!! And I've heard good things from Hele about Prescriptives...
  • Prescriptives Mineral Powder Make-up - again..a recommendation from Hele
That's all I can think of off the top of my head...but I would love to hear your comments!! xx

Monday, 27 April 2009

In and Out...April

I'm incredibly behind on these posts..and posting in general. The last month has been hectic work-wise, but it hasn't meant that I've neglected my makeup..rather the opposite!! I'm particularly skint at the moment so I'm joining lollipop26 in her Project 10 Pan and re-discovering some old favourites and also experimenting with my new loves.

Bobbi Brown - my biggest expenditure the last couple of months, especially loving the TM and concealer
MAC Margin Blusher - it's a great everyday blusher
Sunny weather - I'm loving the early summer / late spring we're finally having
Memory Lane - having been to Leicester this weekend, it's made me appreciate friends I've made along the way
Long Cardigans - I seem to wearing these with every outfit but they're so comfortable and so versatile!!

Lack of Money - I'm beginning to resent my student-status and looking forward to a steady income
Distance - I miss the closeness of everything in Hong Kong, you wouldn't have 2 + hours trips
Search for the perfect lip product - still haven't found it yet (see next post =D)
Bad skin - my skin still won't stabilise and I'm starting to get impatient >.<
Missing my friends - they're too spread out all over the country / world for me to see them regularly