Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Beginning of Summer

For the first time in ages...I'm looking forward to doing something other than studying. And it's very exciting!! I finish exams in 5 days...which means my Summer officially begins. It also means the prospect of being unemployed!!

So the things I'm looking forward to this Summer:
  • my Birthday
  • a trip to Alton Towers
  • starting a new job SOMEWHERE in the UK
  • potentially going to Arizona for a week to see friends
  • Barn Dance with my Uni friends
  • Garden Parties and various BBQs throughout the Summer
  • my friends being home
My biggest dilemmas will be what to wear for said parties. It needs to be practical, girlie, sexy and comfortable at the same. Here are just some ideas...let me know what you think!


Just a little note...

If you've been following my'll know that I splurged on Dior Forever Liquid Foundation yesterday after reading Holly's blog yesterday. What do I think?

Well as I've only worn it for a day, I can't really give a full review BUT so far so good. I thought I might have got the wrong colour but I think I may just need to apply less possibly. For reference I bought Shade 031.

I had an exam today and even though I felt oily, when I checked in the mirror after a gruelling 2 and a half hours, my T-zone wasn't an oil-slick as I thought it would be.

I nearly went and bought the Clinique Blendable Face Powder but reasoned that I have the Bobbi Brown Loose Powder which works JUST as well!

For an even lighter look, I might work the Tinted Moisturiser again with my Dior Forever Powder Foundation which I bought last year. I'll let you know how it goes.

Might catch a nap before continuing on this revision malarky!!! Ta-ra xxxx

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Drugstore Skincare Challenge

So I've been thinking recently whether there's really any need to splash out so much money on High-End skin care when Drugstore (and Purse-friendly) brands have been so good to my clear-complexioned friends. And I've decided to try the theory out...

So this month, I've stopped using all my Clinique stuff and am sticking to Neutrogena and I'll let you know how I've been getting on later this month.

It's exam-time which means crazy-skin anyways so it's OBVIOUSLY the perfect time to try something like this out. Haha.

For your reference I'll be using the Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control and Oil-Free range. There are so many nice products in this line. Including a Gel-like Moisturiser and a Non-oily Make-up remover which are 2 of my favourite skincare products!!

What are your favourite Drugstore Branded Skincare Products?

Take Care xx