Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Work Challenge...

I'm SO sorry I've been MIA for so long...!!

I've just started my new job at a solicitors and have upcoming interviews for a training contract too so it's finally looking up on the careers-side!!

Now I have started work, my quest is on for a everyday routine that stays the distance and doesn't look too made up. It's 2 weeks so far and I've been trying out a few things so I'll let you know how I get on shortly!!

In the mean time, I'll do a quick list of things I'm loving at the moment and things I'm not liking so much!!

  • Dior Forever and Nude Foundation - I love BOTH of them!!!
  • Clarins Instant Light Lipbalm
  • Smart Work-Wear + Dress-Down Fridays = Best of BOTH Worlds
  • Clarks Sale - Don't turn your noses up at this, I've found some serious bargins there
  • The Home Show - It's become a bit of a regular watch in our household
  • Unsettled weather - a girl needs to KNOW what to wear
  • Not enough sleep - there's just too much to do
  • Long commutes - driving up and down the motorway isn't how I'd like to spend 4 hours of my day
  • Friends being away - I can't WAIT to have them home NEXT WEEK!!
  • Not enough holidays - since I started halfway through the year, I only have 8 days till 2010!!!
Enough of that...I really need to get some shut-eye before work tomorrow. Will hopefully see you all soon.

J xx