Monday, 27 April 2009

In and Out...April

I'm incredibly behind on these posts..and posting in general. The last month has been hectic work-wise, but it hasn't meant that I've neglected my makeup..rather the opposite!! I'm particularly skint at the moment so I'm joining lollipop26 in her Project 10 Pan and re-discovering some old favourites and also experimenting with my new loves.

Bobbi Brown - my biggest expenditure the last couple of months, especially loving the TM and concealer
MAC Margin Blusher - it's a great everyday blusher
Sunny weather - I'm loving the early summer / late spring we're finally having
Memory Lane - having been to Leicester this weekend, it's made me appreciate friends I've made along the way
Long Cardigans - I seem to wearing these with every outfit but they're so comfortable and so versatile!!

Lack of Money - I'm beginning to resent my student-status and looking forward to a steady income
Distance - I miss the closeness of everything in Hong Kong, you wouldn't have 2 + hours trips
Search for the perfect lip product - still haven't found it yet (see next post =D)
Bad skin - my skin still won't stabilise and I'm starting to get impatient >.<
Missing my friends - they're too spread out all over the country / world for me to see them regularly


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