Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Sorry I've been missing for a little while...just getting started on the new modules now. And I'm desperately trying to save money to move out later this year!

Anyways, I got some samples from Estee Lauder the other day for their Double Wear foundation. I initially wanted the Light formulation but there isn't as much choice in relation to shade. I got matched at 2 different stands and got 2 different shades...mmm! Interesting. So tell me guys, have you had bad experiences getting matched at stands?

I have oriental skin which isn't well catered for in the drugstore foundation ranges - the tones are too rosy or golden whilst my skin has a yellow undertone. I thought I had hit jackpot last summer with prescriptives but it's too dark for these spring months, maybe when it gets a bit warmer!!

What's YOUR experience with counter-top foundations v drugstore foundation? Would love to hear from you xxx

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  1. i don't have double wear, but my experience with stands is that the girls may be just completely making things up. i've been told by the same person within a span of two weeks that i was cool-toned and then warm-toned.

    but as far as drugstore vs high end, there are some good drugstore foundations that may be just as good as high end, ie (revlon colorstay, maybelline dream liquid mousse, rimmel) but there are FAR MORE great high end ones...hth!