Saturday, 3 January 2009

A belated Christmas and New Year post...

Sorry I've been MIA over the last couple of's been quite hectic at home. A lot of my friends have come home from University so we've been catching up!! Another reason for my absence, I'm in dire straights financially so my makeup habit had to be curbed a little over the festive period!! But luckily, I'm a resourceful girl and I've been playing around with my existing collection and found little gems that had been forgotten!!

I will do my promised Skin Care post soon...I don't know whether I'm kidding myself or not but my skin is getting better and the routine seems to be working. Though I have been a little lazy the last couple of nights.

I will share a lovely present I received from a friend over Christmas...

It's the Body Shop's "Creamy Coconut Bathing Bliss" which has the soap bar, body butter, body scrub, shower gel and a shower thingy-bob. I LOVE the Coconut Milk Body Spray which I have already and the smell is so yummy! I can't wait to use it all! :D Thanks Vicky-babes!!

Once this nightmare week of work is complete I will update...I PROMISE!!


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  1. Hello! how are u? thanks for dropping by my blog. =]

    I really like Revlon colorstay foundation. True to its name coz it lasts for hours. I've only tried it twice so far & did it w/o primer - no oiliness at the end of the day. I'm so happy about that!!

    Few concerns would be the fact that it dries up quickly so I apply it w/the MAC 187 brush section by section & I also make sure to wash my face thoroughly [w/a face wash, make up remover etc] when removing it coz it's a foundation made to adhere to the skin more. the one time I only washed my face w/water and a lil bit of soap, the next day i noticed @ the gym as i blotted w/tissue that there was still a bit foundation - gross! lol.

    Another trick I found out is that for days when u don't want a full face, its good as an undereye concealer.. its long lasting to it'll stay put all day.

    Sorry too long of a comment. Take care & happy new year!