Thursday, 8 January 2009

My New Love...

I still love my Revlon Colorstay because of its staying power and everything but have found in the last week that it can feel a bit heavy so as I'm trying to let my skin breathe a little more, I wanted to try something new. I went to Boots on Monday after my exam and had a look round.

I've bought the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation which I haven't tried yet but I like the fact that it's quite compact so it's in my bag most days for touch-ups (which I haven't had to resort to yet!). I also went to the Lancome counter...I always associated Lancome with Mum's makeup etc but I've had a few surprises there recently (see Skincare post - I promise to do that in a minute!!). The lady recommended the Adaptive foundation - the texture feels really nice but I wasn't sure so I've taken away a sample to try out. I tried it earlier this week and the staying power wasn't as good (obviously) but no major complaints. I rooted out my mum's makeup bag and found a slightly bigger sample so I'll finish those before making a decision. Maybe even use up some of my other stuff.

I read on MUA about Revlon Colorstay Light which sounded fantastic but it's not on sale in the UK which absolutely SUCKS as that would have been perfect!! On my scout around another beauty blogger mentioned using a Tinted Moisturiser under a light powder foundation...which is exactly what I tried today!! So here's what I used:
  • Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint
  • MAC MSF Natural - applied with sponge (Thanks lollipop26!)
  • Normal Concealer routine!
And the results?? Pretty good...the majority of my makeup stayed in place save for a few powder moments here and there. So I like it...I need to pop out tmrw night for a church thing so may try it again!!

So what about you lot?? Any current routines you're loving and feel like sharing??

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