Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Have a Little Patience...

I didn't quite get to go and see Take That but I did stop by Cheshire Oaks on Tuesday night on the way home and had a bit of a surprise.

On the shelves at the Cosmetics Company I saw the MAC 2008 Christmas Collection. After I had just spend near enough £100 of my Xmas money on the full-price collection. BOO!!! They had the brush sets, palettes (minus the smokey eye one), lipglass sets, lipglosses, eyeliners...I could go on but I'd get upset!! The brush sets full price were about £40 - now £29-ish. The palettes were £17!!!!

I can't believe that after only 6 weeks they were discounted already. Serves me right for having no patience at all. NOTE TO SELF - wait for things to get in at Cheshire Oaks before spending £XXX!!

I nearly bought the Beauty Powder from the Ungaro collection but decided against it. I swatched it and saw nearly NO difference. Someone enlighten me as to the difference of the Beauty Powder and the blushes??

I did hop over to the Revlon store and got a couple of eyeshadows and eyeliners though! Made me slightly less irritated!

Do you know of any good hunting grounds for ex-MAC products?? Let me know!

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