Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New Year Treats...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I love this time of year...it's the time when the festive spirit has truly disappeared and then this little gem pops up! Also a time when funds are sufficiently low and you get a little cash injection via Red Pockets!! Just wish I was round more of my relatives at this time of year!! hehe.

College has been hectic and it probably will be until 20th Feb when my exams all finish. I'm planning lots of visits to friends after this so it's something to look forward to. And me being a hermit for the next few weeks might save me some pennies as well!

Laura blogged a while back about swaps...and I have a few items which is being relegated and would love a new home :D !!

All the products are Clinique - it's not that these products aren't good but I've found better ones suited to my skin! So if you like the look of them, let me know and we'll see if we can arrange a swap of some kind. I'm particularly looking for BB creams, MAC eyeshadows (paintpots, shadesticks, powder...I'm not fussy!) and MAC MSF!! That's my wishlist!!
  • Clinique Take the Day Cleansing Milk - it's just too creamy for my oily / combo skin!
  • Clinique Stay True Make-Up in Stay Nude - medium coverage foundation
  • Clinique Superfit Foundation in Honey - this used to be my HG foundation but the tone's a little too pink and dark for me
  • Clinique Moisture Sher Tint in Beige - I know I was talking about this a couple of posts ago but I've decided that the coverage just isn't enough for my flawed skin and someone else will probably benefit from this a lot more than me!
There's probably more in my drawer if I look hard enough!! But we'll start with these for now and see if there's any interest! Let me know via the comments!!


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