Thursday, 11 December 2008

My first attempt...

So after reading the likes of lollipop26 and yummymummy blogs I've decided to join the club and share with you all my love for all things make-up. It's only in the last few weeks / months I've realised the amount of stuff I have and how maybe I'm not great with the application or getting the most out of my products. Hence why I've started reading blogs and watching videos and getting recommendations from them. The downside is that I've ended up buying so much more than I should do!! Oops.

The idea of the blog is to hopefully weed out my failures and share with you little gems I've learnt along the way and to hear more about your stories and ideas here we go!!


  1. Hey is this Joei?random question but I think it is you?

  2. yep yep...i got inspired after reading urs and lollipops blogs and watching numerous youtube videos. hopefully i might stop buying so much and start trying it out more!!

  3. Hiya :) Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog, am honoured :) More make up/skincare posts to follow soon :) Happy Holidays! x x x