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My basic collection...

OK so I thought I would start with my collection for the face. These are the items that sit in my drawer at the moment which I may or may not always use. The items which I will go through will be my primers, foundations and also my concealers. Are you sitting comfortably? Good.


My Primers by ickleangel96

My first encounter with the primer came really because of my skin's tendency to oiliness during the day. So I needed a product which would soak up the oils and provide a matt base to start with.

My first purchase was the Ruby & Millie Pre Base 0 which has a pinky colour to it and applies completely matt. It absorbs the skins' oil very effectively and comes in a tube form so it was quite handy to carry around to re-apply instead of taking powder with me especially in the summer. The consistency is a little clay-like so I really wouldn't recommend it if you have dry skin. I tend to only apply it to my T-zone area to soak up the extra oil as the texture doesn't really allow products like Benetint or creme-based cheek colours to be blended effectively.

The next product I bought was the MAC Prep + Prime. I'd heard a lot about this product and thought it would be a great investment. But on first use, I found the texture a little bit greasy. I also didn't really like the pump as I couldn't control how much I got with each application. It does, however, provide a nice smooth base to work from. But again because of the packaging it's hard to use as a touch-up product during the day.

My latest purchase is the Lancome Pure Focus T-Zone Gel. It has a gel-like consistency and comes in a tube packaging (already a plus!!). It's not as greasy as the Prep + Prime but not as drying as the Ruby & Millie so it's a good middle ground product. I've only used it a couple of times so I'll keep you updated!

Liquid Foundations

My Liquid Foundations by ickleangel96

Over the years I've tried all sorts of foundations and due to my tendency to change my mind every 5 minutes, I've collected a fair few items in this category!! I'll start with the lightest coverage products to the fuller coverage ones.

Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint in Beige - this is essentially a tinted moisturizer but unlike some other products which tend to be overly rich, it's very light and perfect for a summer's day when your skin feels pretty good and you want the lightest of coverage. It's oil-free and gel-based so it's great for combination / oily skin!!

Clinique Almost Makeup in Deep - this is better in the sense that it does give a better coverage when your skin needs a little more help but it still doesn't feel very heavy on your skin. The one thing I don't like is that if it hasn't been used for a while the water elements starts separating so it needs a good shake. It has to be said that its claim to be "Waterproof" doesn't seem to hold up very well - it's staying power isn't great.

MAC Face and Body Foundation C5- I went into MAC with the intention of getting a foundation which gave me a good coverage without looking like it's been caked on and really didn't expect to be getting this but it's better than I expected. It's water based so there's no greasiness to it. The shade's great and it blends pretty well with brush, sponge or fingers. The finish is a little illuminating but a touch of powder deals with that. A great autumn / early spring foundation.

Clinique Superfit Make up 07 Honey - this was probably my first high range foundation and I used to use it all the time. It claims to have long-staying power but in my experience it isn't great in that respect. But it doesn't sit heavy in my pores and my skin doesn't feel suffocated with it on. But I probably wouldn't get it again. I would recommend it as a starter foundation for combination skin - but test the shades well in a good light. I was recommended two different shades in the same day by two consultants.

Clinque Stay-True Makeup 27 Stay Nude - still on my quest to find long lasting foundation. A nice surprise actually. I picked this up in a discount store in Chester and thought I'd give it a try. A slightly heavier product but still comfortable to wear though. A nice matte finish and good coverage but doesn't stay as long as I would need it to. But a good half-day foundation.

Benefit Playsticks Paper Dolls - a stick foundation. Not a big fan of this. I bought this with the intention of using it as a touch-up stick. The colour's great but it's too rich for my skin.

Prescriptives Total Protection Makeup and Multi-Purpose Makeup stick (Vellum 03 Y/O) - I had been DYING to try this out because I'd heard how the colour really is PERFECT for every skin tone. The coverage is medium - full so not so good for daytime wear but a good night foundation. You really don't need a lot of product each time. It's quite thick and needs to be blended it well - best with fingers! I bought the with the intention of using it on the stubborn areas like blemishes.

FINALLY Revlon ColorStay Foundation Sand Beige / Natural Tan - I bought this on recommendation from lollipop26 after hearing about its staying power. So far so good...only had it a day or so but it stayed pretty much intact through a whole day of college and a dinner with minimal touching up required!! I'll keep you posted!

Powder Foundations

Powder Foundations by ickleangel96

My first product was The Body Shop All-in-One Foundation which was amazing at the time but now I've come to find that there are better products out there which fit the description.

Diorskin Forever Compact 030 - this is an OK product. With hindsight, I probably wouldn't have spent the money on it. It's a little heavy and doesn't really stay forever! Need to use it up though!

MAC Studio Fix NC35 - this is pretty good. You'd need a couple of touch ups during the day but apart from that, pretty good coverage and good colour.

MAC MSF Natural Medium - I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I use this either on its own (sponge application for better coverage) or on top of foundation to help with staying power. It's got a gorgeous finish to it and a brilliant texture.

Clinique Almost Makeup 04 Natural - I bought this to complete the liquid version and I prefer the powder. This is my MSF substitute. The finish is very natural and it gives pretty good coverage as well. Very light on the skin and sits very comfortably. A good stand alone product in summer and early autumn.

Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder 22 Matte Bronze - this was great in the summer as I didn't need bronzer after applying this. After watching lollipop26 use MSF Natural Deep Medium as a bronzer I tried it with this product and it gives a similar effect so trying to use this up so I can get the MSF!

L'Oreal Infalliable Makeup 120 Vanilla - mmm. I'm fairly neutural on this product and to be honest I haven't taken it very seriously. I'll give a better review next time!


My Concealers by ickleangel96

I mainly have 2 types of concealers...lighteners and blemish controllers. I've got a few of each (excessive I know!) so I'll run through my thoughts quickly.

YSL Touche Eclat 02 - everyone raves about this but I don't think it's better than the others as it claims to be. It does lighten but for that price, I would go for something like The Body Shop Lightening Touch 03 or Clinque Airbrush Concealer 04.

I swore by Benefit Boi-ing 02 for literally years but I've fallen out of love with it now sadly. It has a more orangy-golden undertone to it which makes it not compatible with my skin tone. It's still a good cover-up but does dry up. My preferred choice is now MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30 which is similar in consistency but available in more shades so easier to match up. The products I'll usually carry around with me is either Diorskin Sculpt 002 or Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer 03 Medium - they're both handy for middle of the day touch ups but I think I prefer the Dior for its consistency.

My other concealer is the MAC Select Cover-up NW25. It's quite useful to have this to mix with the Studio Fix Concealer for healing blemishes when a thick concealer would just worsen the situation.

My life savers - anyone with oily T-zones will be screaming out for these beauties!! I use MAC Blot Powder Pressed Medium Dark, Prescriptives Virtual Matte Level 2 and Revlon ColorSty Pressed Powder Medium. The Revlon is a bit too dark and I sometimes use it as a substitute bronzer. For me, there's not a lot to choose from between the other two..matter of preference I suppose. Both are good for touchups on nights out, etc.

The thing with the basics is that different products (especially foundations) suit different times. But the essentials are to invest in a good coverage foundation, a powder to set / blot out the shine and a concealer or two to hide those pesky blemishes / dark circles. Hope you find this useful and I'd love to hear from you!

J xx

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