Sunday, 21 December 2008

My Christmas Presents...

OK so I know there's still like 4 days till Christmas but my lovely parents have already given me my presents. My mum gave me me £££ to spend in MAC which was I bought the following items.

Adoring Carmine Face Brush Set (LEFT)
Adoring Carmine Eye Brush Set (RIGHT)
MAC Paintpot in Bare Study
MAC 134 Brush
MAC Cream Colour Base (CCB) in Virgin Isle

I love my haul...I will try and take some photos soon. Although I've been using these items near enough everyday since I got them!! The CCB is amazing and is going to last me AGES because of how 'in your face' the colour is so all you need is literally A TINY BIT on your fingers.

I was hoping to get a DAB Radio / iPod Dock from Dad but we ran around town looking for the best ones and couldn't decide. So I just got a docking station to connect to my existing hi-fi system. I also got a gorgeous winter coat from Warehouse in the SALE (I thought they weren't meant to start until AFTER XMAS?!!). Here's an idea of what I'll wear later today to the Christmas Carol Service and Dinner!!

21 Decenber 2008 by ickleangel96

Mmmm...better go and get ready! xx

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