Friday, 19 December 2008

Mini-Haul and a Nice Little Discovery

So I had my last exam of 2008 today and despite being completely broke, I still made time and room in my pocket for a couple of things I picked up at Cheshire Oaks

If you live up in the North West, it's DEFINITELY worth checking out Cheshire Oaks. You'd be surprised at what you could pick up at The Cosmetics Company and also at the Revlon store!!

From the Cosmetics Company I picked up the Clinique Superdefence Triple Action Moisturiser for Combination / Oily Skin. I was looking out for a slightly richer moisturiser to use at night. My Dramatically Different Gel is great but felt that in these winter months I should use something a bit richer. Trying out a sustained new skin-care routine...I'll give you an update in a couple of weeks' time!!

Despite only picking up one thing, I love going in there. They have a lot of Clinique (skin care and cosmetics), Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Prescriptives and MAC stuff. Especially stuff that might have suffered the dreaded mini triangle curse on the MAC website. I found a couple of nice Beauty Powders that I might consider investing in. I also spied some FAFI palettes and other bits and pieces I've not seen in a while. Same goes for Bobbi can be a bit hit and miss in there though. But it's worth having a nosey! Can't wait for the post-xmas'll be a regular haunt on the way home from college!! :D

Revlon...why didn't I consider going here when I decided to try the ColourStay Foundation. It was about 40% cheaper than Boots. I picked another one up in True Beige. It is an AWESOME foundation...usually use it for Nights out or if I'm out all day. It truly stays. If I use it with the Lancome Matt Base, I hardly need to use Blot Powder.
Bought the Colourstay Eyeliner and see if that stays as well!! Picked up Bare it All that Lollipop26 talked about there as well for under £2!! Amazing.

Was watching Michelle Phan on Youtube the other day and wanted to see if I could get a colour corrector. Wish I could get a wheel of cream MAC do something similar? But anyways, I bought a cheapo one from Natural Collection so I'll see how I get on with that!

Does anyone else have a fabulous hidden haunt??

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