Wednesday, 23 June 2010

In and Out 1

OK so I haven't been on here for absolutely ages...or blogged for what feels like years. But rest assured I've not been credit card's taken a major battering over the last 10 months. I had been working in Bolton and my journey home usually involved a little de-tour to the Trafford Centre where I discovered Nars, Chanel, MAC, Illamasqua, etc under Selfridges' roof. It was a disaster waiting to happen really.

But now I've moved jobs back to far so good...I wanted to pop into MAC after work today at 6.30pm but it was closed. Probably a good thing really!!

But since I've been away for so long, I thought I'd give you an insight into what I'm loving and what's not...! (That sounds horribly cliched...sorry!)


Lovely Summer Weather
I'm loving the awesome British Summer weather at the moment. My new desk faces out towards the square where 3 sets of offices converge, which makes it the ideal spot for some sneaky lunchtime sunbathing!! It also makes my short walk from the bus stop / car park (depending on my mood!) before and after work slightly more enjoyable!

Sports Galore!!
I think I may be a complete paradox but I'm loving the fact that the World Cup and Wimbledon are dominating the TV schedules at the moment! I've been brought up well by my dad and absolutely LOVE watching most sports! The World Cup gives almost ANYBODY a great excuse to in point, I left the office for 2 hours this afternoon to watch the England game! Absolutely awesome afternoon-drinking!!

C'MON ENGLAND!!! P.S. I think I become a bit of a football hooligan whenever an England, Liverpool or Leicester game is on the telly! Haha

Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive
I had to trek round 3 Boots in town to find this but I have to say it's definitely worth it. It's the only lipstick I've found so far where I don't need to wear a base coat of a true nude to have the desired nude pink effect!!

I love teaming this up with Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Pink Nude. I got this at CCO a couple weeks ago in a Compact rather than with the horrible BB Lipgloss applicator!

MAC Well Dressed Blush
I've re-discovered this blush's a perfect blush which is subtle but really pretty at the same time. I like wearing this to work for understated glamour. I also like pairing this with Dior Highlighter LE - I think it's called Diamond Pop?

Clean and Simple Make-Up
You might have guessed but I'm really loving experimenting with make-up to achieve the perfect 'natural' look and my summer FOTD seems to be flawless skin (see below >.<), pretty blush and a nude / baby pink lip.


Horrible Skin
I seem to be going through a phase where my skin hates me! I blame it on hormones but in reality it's a combination of things...inconsistent skincare, late nights, lack of get the idea! So I'm on the lookout for a good combination of skincare, I seem to have accumulated so much rubbish over the years and I need a skin care that works and I can just stick to!!

Foundation Incompatability
If you look in my bottom drawer of my makeup tower, you'll find an array of foundations / tinted moisturiers / BB creams, etc. I can't seem to find ONE that I love all-year round...especially in this hotter weather and with my grotesque skin!! Suggestions? See if you can find one I haven't yet tried!! Hehe.

Career Frustrations
You may not know where I am at the moment in my career, I don't think I've talked about it before. I finished my Legal Practice Course nearly a year ago and I've been on the search for a Training Contract ever since then. I've been very blessed with an amazing firm that's given me a shed-load of experience, and now at a National firm getting even more experience. Don't get me wrong, I'm REALLY grateful for a job but I WANT A TRAINING CONTRACT. So when I get home from 7 hours in front of the computer, I log on my laptop and apply for more jobs! IT SUCKS!! OK...deep breath...rant over!!

OK...need to go food shopping and then catch the 2nd half of Germany v Ghana.

P.S. Did anyone catch the 54 + game thriller at Wimbledon today? EPIC!!


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